Lenas Angelreisen
General Information
The Kola Peninsula is bordered by Norway to the Northwest and Finland to the West. Apart from that, the Peninsula is surrounded by the Barent Sea to the North and the White Seat to the South and the Republic of Karelia.

Murmansk is the regional capital with a population of around 350.000.

The region is characterized by a sub-antarctic climate in the north while the rest is continental. The annual average temperature is between 11 and 15°C during the summer.
Snow fall is usually expected from October to May.
The Kola Peninsula is crossed by many rivers. The most famous are Ponoi, Varzuga, Yokanga, Varzina, Pana, Umba, Kitza, Kola, and so on. These are also the famous rivers for salmon fishing.

The largest lakes are Imandra, Umbozero, Lowozero, and Seydozero. All lakes have rich fish stocks including salmon, trout, grayling, pickerel, and many more.

Nature protection
We want to share all natural treasures on the Kola Peninsula with future generations for many years. Therefore, rules must strictly be respected:

All fishing areas are part of the nature-sanctuary program. This means that all garbage must be collected and disposed at the base camp. All salmon that are caught must be carefully removed from the hook and released (catch and release). However, you are allowed to make pictures of your catch results.

We need a biometrical photo and international travel insurance that is accepted by the Russian Federation. Please consider that your passport must be valid for at least 3 months before travelling. Additionally, we will need your travel receipts 4 months before your flight date. This will allow us sufficient time to react to possible requests from the Russian consulates (e.g. incomplete visa paperwork).

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